Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Insurance pay?
A: Most Insurance plans do have counseling benefits and do pay for a significant portion of the cost.

Q: Who decides how long the counseling will last?
A: You and your counselor together will decide how often to come and for what length of time. The treatment process varies and is designed to meet your specific needs.

Q: Who goes to counseling?
A: Anyone. Counseling can be helpful to men, women, children and families.

Q: The problem really is with my spouse, but he/she refuses to come in -- what can I do?
A: Start by coming in yourself, then together with your counselor you can discuss ways to invite your spouse when the time is right.

Q: If I tell you what's really going on, what will you think?
A: Making positive changes in your life requires honesty, especially to yourself -- that's something we respect.

Q: How long will it take until I feel better?
A: Most clients report that they begin to feel better very quickly after counseling begins.

Q: Does my employer need to know I'm coming here?
A: Except for very special circumstances, no, your employer will not know. Counseling is confidential and the only people who know are the people with whom you share the information.